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People who love photographs with doggies, you guys can enjoy the story. Not for them, open to you all. Read and enjoy. Share your love and experiences. This cute dog is famous as Yogi, and we can meet him at Caucasian mountain. who looks like a bear.  Yogi is not the same as the dogs that we met in general. it is very hard to identify from the first viewpoint that he is a dog. People question that he is a bear.

Meet Yogi, a giant Caucasian mountain dog that is capable of protecting against bears and wolves

Image credits: yogibearsmom

Yogi’s mom Laura and dad Brayden got him flown in all the way from Romania to guard their home and small farm

Image credits: yogibearsmom

This variety is very rare to find in the US. Luckily. he has a family who takes care of him in advance. The family who lives in Boston decided that Yogi is the best protector and guardian for them and finally, they took away the family from Rumania. In TikTok, you can see some shared videos of how his life is with this family. He is waiting for lots of love and attention from his mom, the most special thing is his appearance and size will catch viewers’ eyes from the first look.

Look at these cute photographs of Yogi. How lovely he was.

We can see interviews with Yogi’s family and how they express their love and time about life with Yogi.

How is the time with Yogi?

They are very proud to own yogi to their family.

Image credits: yogibearsmom

image credits: yogibearsmom

Yogi’s mom shared some moments of Yogi and how his day-to-day life going on. He is in favor of playing, and running off coyotes. When the time Brayden, the husband of Laura – Yogi’s mom plays with the kids, yogi protects the kids and shows his love. He tries to keep Dad away from the kids. Laura said that this moment is very cute and lovely. Yogi is very interested to play and sleep in the snow.

Four little kids in the home love Yogi and they all had a great time together. But the sad news is they badly missed the youngest child in the family, unfortunately. He has passed away.

Did he feel everything?

At that moment yogi felt down with lots sad because from the beginning the baby was in the tummy, yogi knew and felt that moment, also showing his love. At the time the child passed away he felt that also.

By the way, this is some kind of challenge to maintain this type of dog. Somehow it may cost and need to provide big care and protection. He needs lots of love, bonds, socialization, and training.  Luckily they maintain all in a well manner. All the family members treat them well and show love to build the bonds in advance. He is very friendly with the visitors but some times gets massive for new guests.

The most special thing is the relationship between each of them and their love for each other. I thought that they all are very lucky.

Image credits: yogibearsmom

Image credits: yogibearsmom


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