Hello, everyone. I hope you happily enjoy our shared stories. But this story is not much happier; there should be the most significant appreciation and credit here.

Have you heard about aircraft disasters or any accidents?

Yes, definitely you may have heard about these types of air accidents. We listened to some scenarios where, luckily, people saved their lives during these accidents.

(image source; Facebook/Oleg Lungul)

So this story is about the same scenario which was saved by a disaster.

What happened here?

Alexander Akopov saved an aircraft that suffered significant damage from an unexpected hailstorm. This happened when the airline was flying to Ercan from Istanbul. At that time, 121 passengers and six crew members were in the airline. Unfortunately, they storm attacked the Atlasglobal airline.

How powerful is the storm?

It says that the hail covers the nose of the plane and that the glass hardly damages the front side.

As general training, all pilots got what to do during these situations is rarely applicable. So it’s sometimes usually used, but these sorts of hide are not traditionally used. So there is a considerable risk and responsibility to save all the lives.

Luckily, the pilot managed everything positively and landed safely without damaging everyone.


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