Hello one, if you are familiar with our articles hope today’s story will never be new to you. We shared lots of stories regarding today’s topic Photography But something special. Photography is very familiar to you all but this is kind of a kind of unique photograph captured by a famous photographer. The most important point is we can’t see this natural beauty all the time. It’s a deal with nature.

These wonderful photographs were captured in Vietnam. During Autumn Mekong Delta River filled with long-stemmed lilies as a result of flooding. These beautiful lilies can be seen mostly from September to mid-November.

See these photographs, and how magical the nature creations are.

As a result of flooding, water gets away from the normal level and the stem can be seen.  so, the farmers do not miss this chance. The farmers from the Long An province start harvesting these beautiful flowers. They spent their time on this during Autumn. So now can question me, okay the farmers are harvesting but how and who captures these beautiful photographs? One of the famous photographers clicked these stunning moments.

How talented he was?

Trung Huy Pham Is the talented personality who captured these wonderful photographs of lilies. Capturing these aerial photographs is not an easy task. It’s a kind of challenge that the photographer has lots of ups and downs during these days. Mostly the Lillie flowers are pink and white. When capturing the drawn shots, you can see the farmers who harvest. So the farmers with traditional conical hats among the flowers will add additional colors to the photographs. Mostly the white lilies are blooming at night time, it says that they are Ghost Flowers.

This seasonal beauty is captured by so many photographers. According to the web sources it says that farmers have only one day to harvest these flowers. Farmers collect these all together and bundle the collective flowers in their boats. This may provide them with additional income to maintain and balance their expenses. These Lillie stalks can be used as food and apart from this mostly be used for the decorations. If you check out the photographs you can see the beauty of lilies, Imagine the beauty of decorations with lilies.

Also, you can use this plant as a tea.

Need to appreciate farmers’ hard work in harvesting and also the skills of the photographer in capturing beautiful shots.

This is a moment when the locals and the tourists pay some more attention to the beauty of these flowers. Hope you all are also enjoying these beautiful photographs. These water lilies are magical creations of nature. We are lucky to see and feel the magic moments of nature.

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