Hello to all cat lovers, no, not only for cat lovers, you all can enjoy the story.

The most special thing about the story is that it is not about a domestic cat we see daily. This cat is found on the world’s highest mountain. Check out the photographs. This rare cat looks very dangerous in its appearance.

Where can we find this rare cat?



Moving on to the beginning of the story, scientists found this cat during their project at Mount Everest. So, in 2019, scientists from eight countries are working on a project in Mount Evert, Nepal.

So, in this project, as a part of National Geographic and Rolex Perpetual Planet Everest, scientists find real evidence to show this rare cat who was seen at a national park called Sagarmatha. However, this cat is famous as Pallas’s cat. Peter Siman Pallas named this cat in the above name in 1776. So, they had to research to learn more about these cats. They confirm that at least two cats are in the mountain.



Scientists are highly interested in finding out more about these rare round cats. Dr Seim0n shared her interest in this research and her interest in the project. This story opened doors to the increase in tourist visits. So, this rare cat has been added to the mammals list as a newcomer to the national park. Scientists shared that this news opens a new way to improve tourist attraction, not only for scientific purposes.

Look at the shared photographs. This cat is enormous and round in shape.

This cat is an iconic brand which people can visit and see. Because of its appearance and shape, we can enjoy its moments.

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