Hello, my dear folks, hope you all are enjoying our wonderful stories. In the story of today, I’m going to share something interesting. Hope travel lovers will enjoy the story very much. As we always say, age is just a number. Don’t get impressed, this story is one of the reasons that I want to share with you, Age is just a number.

Do you have any travel experiences with your grandparents?

The story is about 93 years 93-year-old grandma and her grandson who have visited 63 national parks together. Joy Ryan never experienced any other beauty most of her life apart from her living landscape of Ohio. When she was eighty of her age, her grandson wanted to give his grandma a wonderful experience of the beauty behind the world. He decided to travel with this beautiful lady to all the national parks in the US. He successfully attempted his decision, and finally, Grandma Joy completed visiting 63 national parks thanks to his grandson.

What a lovely moment that grandson made her grandma happy with enjoying the travel life. How strong and inspired she is. According to the details obtained from the interview, her grandson said that she had never experienced or seen the beauty of nature before. As the first step of the journey, they visited the Great Smoky Mountains. Travel life is full of wonderful places like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, redwood, etc. however Grandma Joy’s grandson is so happy with the decision to travel.

She never considers her age to enjoy nature and her travel life.  She is so excited about new adventures and is smart for the coming days.  They end up on their journey to America Samoa. They started their journey in 2015 and the journey has continued for seven years of time to complete 63 national parks.

What is your opinion on her attempt?

You can follow up on their social media profiles for more information. They never forgot to share their travel memories with you. Grandma Joy is very thankful to her grandson for his dedication to seeing the beauty of America.

In my opinion, you can try out something like this. You can gift your grandparents and share the lovely moments with them like these types of decisions.
Grandma Joy never missed the adventures and smiled every day with good health. No matter how age goes, feel and enjoy whatever you love.
If you have any experiences, share them with us.

Grandma Joy and her grandson Brad, not only travel to see the beauty of nature. Apart from that without considering the age, these two are sharing their life. They talk and learn different things, ideas, and past stories. Completing all these things travel journey ends with so many hikes, adventures, and road trips as a very lucky and happy lady.

Compared to her age she is very strong enough to travel to all national parks that she never visited before.

So this is the story that I want to share with you to satisfy your interests. Grandma Joy and her grandson are very lucky to complete their mission at the end.


  1. I Enjoyed Your Storey So Much,I had all sorts of grief during growing up right up to adulthood, Your Storey Rings So True, I’m Learning & I Hope Some Day I Get All The Peace In My Life I Need.

  2. I Enjoyed Your Storey So Much,I had all sorts of grief during growing up right up to adulthood, Your Storey Rings So True, I’m Learning & I Hope Some Day I Get All The Peace In My Life I Need.

  3. How precious for a Grandmother and Grandchild to spend time together. So many times they grow apart as the Grandchild goes their own way. It is very sad they no longer have time. God bless you both. The memories will last forever, and the Grandson will be able to share them for generations!

  4. That was a wonderful story, words well spoken and heart felt. It reminds me of my grandmother who i loved as much as my own parents. I am ashamed and regret not spending more time with her while I could. She was very pleasant and caring lady, she wasn’t rich or even well off. She lived each day with smile on her face and prayer on her lips. She cared more for others than her self. I never heard her speak a bad word towards anyone. She was the backbone of our family, and I will forever miss and regret not spending more time with her. I know for myself I am in that last quater of life, everything mentioned in this story rings true. I have on thing to cling to. I know being a Christian, which my grandmother bestowed in me, by taking me to church and reading the Bible, I know I will oneday be reunited with her in Heaven. That somehow makes my remaining years easier and more enjoyable. Thanks for opportunity to vent that also helps. Bless you all, and cherish what time you have left with your loved ones, before time catches up with you and it’s to late.


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