Wood carving is a wonderful thing and also it is very complicated. Not everyone is capable of this. in some countries, wood carving is done by cutting down trees as a profession. In other countries it is made from discarded wood. It’s a profession in standard level. Any way you can heard so many world-famous wood carvings.

Lion as the protector

The world-famous Giant Lion carved is in China and now you can see it in Fortune Plaza Times Square in Wuhan. Carving this world’s largest wood creation is such a huge process. It is made out of redwood. How complicated this is, it takes more than 3 years to complete this redwood sculpture. Finally, after 3 years team of 20 members complete this wonderful sculpture by using a single tree trunk. It is very important to have and artistic mind with patience to create something like this. In China,lion is one of the main symbols which represent  the protector. In Chinese culture, mostly in their regional places you can see that symbol.

respectfully Chinese people use lion as the symbol of the guardian. A significant role in their culture. As a result of this it’s very common to see lion statues in restaurants and hotels in China. So, this wonderful creation may become world’s largest redwood carve with a world record.

Giant oriental Lion

You know that the king of the animal kingdom is lion. They select this theme to create this. Chinese architect Dengding Rui Yao lead his team to complete this project successfully. They started carving this at Myanmar and finally complete it in 2015. In China this redwood sculpture famous as oriental lion. If someone visits there you can have the experience of this and see it very closely.

According to the details that obtained from the sources length of this creation Is 47.5 feet, 16.5 feet in height and 13 feet in width.  The appearance of the wood carved is a marvel and its very beautiful to see.

Absolutely this is something incredible. If you have the experience of this enormous wood sculpture you are very lucky. Everyone does not have talent in this field of woodworking. It is very important to appreciate the architecture of this redwood carve. If you have any idea about the redwood tree, you can argue that it is very special compared to other trees because of its special feature and also very high in its value. As mentioned  above the whole process of this woodwork is done by using only a single redwood tree trunk. The backstory of the giant lion carved is very interesting. After they complete their project in Myanmar the oriental lion is transported 3000 miles to the Wuhan.

Most of the travelers and visitors are very interested in this sculpture. This may become one of the favorites among the Chinese people and also the tourist love in this oriental lion. If you check out the photos of this huge statue definitely you can see how big this sculpture is. This is one of the beautiful wooden works of art. Actually, I do not have any idea how they successfully complete this project. It is too complicated honestly; we have to appreciate it. Thanks to the architectures of oriental lion thousands of visitors come to visit this every year.

Check out the sites for more photographs and enjoy them. Certainly, it looks like a living creation. In fact home of this giant lion statue has become famous too because of this. appreciating all the respective owners contributed for this huge process is the feel and idea that the viewers have.

h/t: [redditWoodworking Ideas]


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