“American Beauty “captured by Carey Fruth.

Photography is an art. photographers capture the shots as their eye clicks. So there are various type of captures we can see. Its very feel free \. We can capture whatever we saw. But the beauty depends on the photographer’s eye, talent and the creativity.

Beauty behind the America.

More info: careyfruthphotography.com | Tumblr Instagram Twitter (h/t: huffpostdemilked)


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Photography is such a common topic for our audience. We had already shared the different stories with you. So, this is about a challenge done by a talented photographer. This talent personality work with 14 women to show the beauty of some shots by challenging to others. Under the theme of American beauty, Carey Fruth , a photographer in an Francisco show some shots of women body types vary from one to one. Such a unique idea. There is a hidden story behind these shared ones which means, in 1999 the film has released with the similar name under the concept of Beauty of America.

So if you go through the shared captures and the web sources, there is an inspiration here. We have deep things to learn from this little story. Dealing with our sexual life, feelings and the whole life style, these photoshoot will provide life lessons to understand us.







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