Nature’s magical creations are fantastic. We are lucky to experience the reality of this beauty. So, this is a fantastic story that I hardly want to share with you. You are going to see the beauty of basilica but not only that talented photographer captures that beauty with the moon and mountain behind the basilica.

The moon, mountain, and basilica

A talented Italian photographer captured these moments. The most special thing is, that this talented one waits for six years to capture these moments. Valerio Minato is the talented photographer who owns this magical capture. in 2017 he first realized this idea and waited to capture this for six years. photographer interested in some locations and from all the above he goes ahead with Minato. However, he tries to add the moon to the captured basilica view. because it rarely happens, you can only see it once a year. Unfortunately, he missed the opportunity because of different weather conditions. but luckily, 2023 will be the year for the success of his attempt.

Valerio Minato shared his experience of this hard work. If you go through the photograph, you can see how talented and how hard this process is. However, for the people who want to enjoy this wonderful photograph, you can get the chance to have it. You have an opportunity to get the print of the real image. 

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See this behind-the-scenes glimpse of how Valerio Minato took his incredible photo of the Moon, Monviso mountain, and the Basilica of Superga in alignment.

Valerio Minato: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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