People are interested to explore different things. We experienced our choice. The whole world is open to us. So, the story that I’m going to share is the way you are also something like this. if you are a nature lover, we have lots of things to explore. However, if you are a bird lover, I’m not going to imagine how you are going to be happy throughout the story.

Travelers know the feeling of staying in different hotels during their visits. Experience should be different from one place to another. So, as I mentioned above imagine how you feel when you are in a hotel-like birdhouse. The structure should be different.

This is about the tree hotel which is located in Swedish Lapland in the structure of 350 bird houses. The creators behind the story are a BIG group and ornithologist Ulf Ohman has worked hard to build up these wonderful birdhouses for the tree hotel. Beautiful housing structures may open for the guests to feel the environment very closer.

Guests can entertain the environment by being familiar with birds and these nature gifts will add some value to the time they spent in this place. Hotel rooms are made out of small-scale wooden boxes.

The experiment is best and positive. Because they got lots of positive feedbacks from the customers. One of the purposes that they need to structure these hotel rooms in this way is to reduce the decreasing level of the bird populations and make the biosphere and the natural habitat much strong. you may have access to the hotel rooms through a bridge. Bird houses are settled among the trees to give a real feeling to their customers

. If you spent much time in any of the wooden boxes you can see the natural beauty of the environment around them. Imagine if you got any chance to feed birds during your time in the hotel and also very closer. Yes, you may get a chance to try and feel it.

The beauty behind the story is not an easy task that the team had completed. The houses are small in size but internally they are full of beauty and relax surrounding. Beauty in the forest may mainly focus on by the team to give their guests the real moment of living in a forest. You are lucky enough to experience the birdlife.

How wonderful it is to spend time in this wonderful place adapting to the changes in the environment and enjoying the moment.

This unique concept of the birdhouse is such a valuable thing that needs to be highly appreciated. These are some rare things that we cannot commonly find out all around the world. But the Tree Hotel by BIG and all guiders attempt on this is completely successful. Imagine the view of the forest. 

However, going through the story and the other web sources, these birdhouses in the Tree Hotel are an amazing g creation that everyone should be lucky to experience. Hope you will try out more to follow up on this.

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