Have you guys tried any innovations?

This story is very unique to the stories I shared with you before. Big respect to the founder of this innovation. As we all know, we are from different family backgrounds and classes. We need to be lucky enough to have everything the same as others. Some are from lower-level, middle-class families and high-class families. But we all are humans, and we have common needs and wants. I hope this story will share love and kindness. We can learn lots of things. In this world, we see people who never live in their comfort zone or lack things to live. That’s why we need to help each other.

More info: showertothepeoplestl.org | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram (h/t: demilked)

Jake Austin bought an old truck for $5,000 and turned it into a mobile shower unit

It contains two shower stalls

And some sinks and mirrors

Homeless people in the world

This is an innovation in which the founders used their ideas to help each other. However, we see homeless people all around the world. You must have experiences and memories that you help others. We treat them by giving them money and food. That feeling is so grateful. They are getting really happy and we too.

I am blessed to everyone!

Jake Austin made a great decision to help homeless people. He did this by using a truck.

You guys are definitely surprised how he helped homeless people in that way.

He helped everyone.

For the past few years, he has already been helping people who never had homes. So he turned his mind in to step up with a new idea. He bought an old truck and repaired it. He remakes the truck with all the facilities homeless people use for showering. With the purpose of “shower for Homeless ones,” he turns this truck into a magical place. Check out these photographs; how creative is this place’s mobile shower truck?

People using the showers are provided with clean towels

A safe washing facility

And free bath supplies

All the facilities are available in this mobile truck; homeless people can use this one very comfortably. The most special thing is people help Austin as much as they can. They provide bathroom items, like soap.

The process of generating water and waste management is a huge process here. People who used this mobile shower shared their new experiences. Great! All are positive feedback. They appreciate and thank t] a lot to everyone.

These things must need to be appreciated. These are how we can help everyone and share love and kindness.

As Austine said, he bought this truck for 5000 dollars. He is really happy with this dedication.

Share the moments and memories where you help others.

The truck is currently based in the St. Louis area , but Austin hopes to expand to more cities in the U.S. soon


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