Instagram vs reality of some viral scenes.

We all love to post pictures. But in the way, we prefer perfect shots. We edit and post them. The reality and the posted ones are different than we think. This is something normal for all. We always share the best versions of ourselves to have more likes, comments, reaches, and followers. However, we follow different exposes and concepts to click our images, perfectly edit them, and share them with others through social media.

Those ‘perfect’ celebrity pics you see on Instagram are far from the casual snaps they appear to be

Image credits: lowkeykathyyyy

Hours of make-up, flattering poses and all kinds of editing take place before the ‘everyday’ shot is uploaded onto social media

Image credits: nokia621

Is these are unrealistic photographs?

Check out these shared photographs posted by celebrates. You can see how different these are. Because it perfectly shows what goes on behind the scenes of Instagram vs reality. There is a hidden story behind these photos. Influencers mostly follow this and share their photos. They use makeup, editing tools, and whatever it is. By the way, Ethan Skewers follows through these scenarios and always shows the reality vs. Instagram. He said that this is not their actual situation, their reality, and you guys do not need to think and compare yourself with them. Because, under any circumstances, this is not the real version they are showing about their lives. There is a big difference.

“I can’t get over the difference! Don’t believe what you see on Instagram folks”

Image credits: ohhithere21

“Excuse me what…”

Image credits: runescape_girlfreind

What’s on your mind about social media?

Social media is an excellent platform to see and share your memories with others. Depending on your choice, you can use this opportunity for your best. But don’t compare yourself, and don’t be negative. Most of the influencer’s social media accounts are officially managed by their assistants or related ones. This social media platform and technology is a great opportunity that we can use to think beyond the framework. But used negatively.

Check out these photographs and see the difference between everyone. Go through the web pages for more details. Comment down below.

“One for the boys out here. Magazines are just an illusion”

Image credits: Instagramreality

Image credits: Instagramreality

Image credits: Instagramreality


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