In the animal world there are various types of animals with their particular characteristics. Among them birds are categorized under this but they are very special in their own features. By the way birds are very closed to the environment and also, they depend on the natural environment. In bird’s world there are so many species of birds that we can see around us. on other hand they are very important to the environment and plays one of the main roles because they help to maintain the stability of the climate and also act as an indicator who helps to maintain the biodiversity.

Here this is about a wonderful bird who is very famous worldwide. It is about the Victoria crowned pigeon. This bird is very popular because of the special characteristics that it has. Do you have any idea about Victoria crowned pigeon? Something very interested for the bird lovers. The Victoria crowed pigeon is scientifically known as Goura Victoria. They are very different from other pigeons because of the won characteristics that they have. Victoria crowned pigeon belongs to the Gourinae family. It has considered as the world’s largest and the most beautiful pigeon.

Wonderful gift from nature.

The Victoria crowned pigeon has blue feathers and we can see a beautiful crown on the top of its head. The color combination of its body is amazing. You can see so many photographs of this bird in available sights. You can easily identify this bluish grey bird with elegant blue crests and maroon breast. These special body characteristics keep them highlighted among other pigeons in their family. Mostly these birds are found in or their origins are in New Guinea and some others in Indonesia. Crowned pigeon can both live in dry and wet forests and also, we can find them in zoos. This wonderful bird has more tourist attraction because of its body creation. As the largest pigeon in the world, it can fly 3000 feet up as we obtained from the details. For their diet they have fruits, grains, seeds and small animals. Considering about the behavioral pattern of the crowned pigeon they fly as a small group.

Threat for Victoria crowned pigeon.

As we identified its very clearly shows that now they are threatened by the other parties. Mostly they miss their habitats because of the deforestation and also the one of the biggest threats to Victoria crowned pigeon is hunting. They miss their wildlife because of these illegal activities.  So according to its weird features Victoria crowned pigeon is named as the “British Monarch Queen Victoria”. In facts, it considers that the population of them is near 10 000 to 20 000. As mentioned above Victoria crowned pigeon is the largest specie in the pigeon family their lifespan is calculated up 20 to 25 years. As we justify because of the threats that they have number of Victoria crowned pigeon are decreasing. It is a very popular zoo bird too. If you are interested in this wonderful nature’s gift you can check out the sights for more photographs.


Related to the credits that is has it can be identified as a royal bird. Most of them spend their time as a group especially when they are looking for the food. Anyway, some one can argue that are they introduced as pets or can you buy them. By the way as we obtained from the details they are not considered as the pets like other pigeons. In some countries it is illegal. When it comes to the cost according to the different countries it will change. Except the above-mentioned countries these birds can be found in worldwide now but limited. You can have some important details of this queen bird in the pigeon family through this article. Check out and be updated for more information through the sites.



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