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The story is dedicated to all my friends and most especially dog lovers. The story is very interesting and hope you all can enjoy these cute moments. The story is about a golden retriever dog. The role models in this story is one of the famous photographer Daphne Aitchison and her dog Hugo.

Image credits: hugoandursula

They became stars and some of their photographs were shared on social media as the latest news. This cute puppy is a golden retriever who is very friendly with his moment. So the most special scenario is the video which goes more viral on social media where Huxley introduced himself during the train ride with his partner. People on the train appreciate and welcome him by enjoying a lot. Daphne said that this dog was looking for more attention and love from others at that time. He sat next to others and waited for their attention. People are enjoying this moment. Huxley falls in love and is friendly with others.

Huxley lives with his brother Hugo and their mother Ursula, who are already known for funny portraits

Image credits: hugoandursula

Image credits: hugoandursula

Look at the photographers shared here.

How cute these moments are.

Don’t forget to share the pictures if you guys have a dog partner like this. how humble and incredible their moments are.

We also have lots of things to learn from this small story. Share your love with everyone. Be humble and make memories.


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