so the story begins with much confusion for you all. I’m going to share some details of the solar power plant in the desert region. most special thing is this is the largest solar power plant in Europe and this is the central point of the Kalyon Energy solar power plant.

what about the architecture design of the solar plant?

if you look at the shared photographs of this power plant you can imagine that how big it was. however most highlighted point related to this is its architecture. In the desert environment, the plant has the largest capacity to maintain the generation process successfully.

moving on to the architecture of the power plant, this is designed by Bilgin Architects.  the Inter Design of the plant may contain transparency in four levels and steel panels are set to maintain the heat and its internal temperature.

architecture is going beyond its planned framework; solar power may add more aesthetic value. It looks like a part of the sky also. during the night it was looking fantastic. so the part of the building includes multiple spaces based on the different needs such as a cafeteria for visitors, and space for events and workshops.

This block-structure solar power plant gets more attention from worldwide visitors. this may add some more value to the dessert also. So the dessert environment is going beyond the concept of a dessert solar plant will make the space beautiful. 

this is a very effective sustainable plan.

so, have you guys ever visited or seen or heard anything about this before?

Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

other than that, there are lots of incredible things in this world similar to this. share with us.

So the architectural design of the building must be appreciated because of the hard effort they put into building some next-level architectural designs.


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