Hello everyone, I’m going to share with you a wonderful story. Hope you will enjoy the story with lovely feelings. If you are familiar with our previous written stories, for sure we have shared lots of news related to art. Art is a magic that we never imagine we can create as art. so hope no one else describes art in one word. Because it is a collaboration of lots of things.

Image credits: Titia Hahne / Studio Libertiny

By the way, I’m not going to share you with what is art. this is a kind of art-related story.  I’m especially talking to Bee lovers, but not at all, you all can enjoy the story.

Bees are a kind of nature creation that biodiversity will process their lifecycle and have lots of benefits. Bees are an economically valuable insect that some people depend on from producing honey. Tomas Libertiny, who is a talented Slovakian artist who has been working for nearly forty years with bees has built up wonderful collaborative sculptures. Currently, he is in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The beauty and the intelligence behind his art will explore by the audience. Apart from that he is studying the partnership between the human mind and nature.

Check out the below photographs to see how he works on this creation.

The Nefertiti bust made by Tomas Libertiny is named Eternity. This is not an easy task to complete. More hard work and the artist is dealing with his mind. The product is a collaboration of bee wax, apart from it, the artist got 60 000 of a bunch of bees to make these incredible sculptures. This is a natural creation by a talented artist. The most important point of this structure is it is a 3D frame creation. During the process of the bust creation, bees are employed to build up a honeycomb. In my opinion, a kind of complicated process runs behind this natural output.

Image credits: Titia Hahne / Studio Libertiny

According to the highlights from the interviews with the artist, he said that he was very interested in the project with beeswax. The project was started in 2005 and 2019 it was shown first time at Kunsthal Rotterdam. The process runs for two years of period to complete.

As obtained from the details it says that this is a kind of big challenge that artists faced because of different reasons. We cant impact on nature but we have to stay for the results from nature. It has taken a lot of time.

If you go through more on Studio Libertiny you can find out lots of beeswax sculptures made by this talented artist. The use of natural materials may add higher value to this bust.  Needs to appreciate the attempt at this natural creation.

Imagine how you feel if you are lucky to see it in real. Wish for you! 

Mainly the article focused sculpture is structure of an Egyptian queen and now you can see this in Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.

So this is the story behind this wonderful creation and you may have lots of things to reach. Please find and enjoy more about these incredible arts.

Image credits: Tomáš Libertíny / Studio Libertiny


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