What do you think about architectural designs, if yes share your experiences.

We all love to live in a free environment. Because of the busy day-to-day schedules in our lives, we miss lots of freedom. By the way, we all love to experience different environments. Imagine why we need vacations. mostly we select beautiful relaxing environments for our vacations. So, the story is not regarding your vacation or something,

Yes, this is about a family who lived in an Arctic Circle for three years. If you love to have an experience in a sustainable home, you must talk with this wonderful family. Hjertefølger’s family who lived on Sandornoya island in the Arctic Circle has built their home as a cob house.

See the posted pictures here. We can see the cob house is constructed using natural materials and clay. Apart from that they are planting their food in their garden. This is such a unique concept. And also such a cost management concept that you can follow with fewer investments.

The shape and the interior design of the structure of their home are very beautiful. They have self-satisfaction in their confrontation zone with the security of living also. In this incredible spot, the viewpoint is not in one box. That means different angles and different viewpoints are accepted in the considered location.

The construction process is done with the support of the friends and family. Such is ins[iration for all of us. Working together may successfully lead the wonderful creations.

Check out the posted photographs to see their interior designs and the surroundings. How they maintain their sustainability of living needs to be appreciated. Maintaining water wastage eco-friendly household products, and their plantings are the most important things that we need to be inspired by following the hjertefolger family. They feel the real experience of seasonal changes in their cob house.

Everyone is questioning this family, why they chose this concept and the answer is they need a house but not a regular, so they go through this unique concept. So yes, a happy life depends on you happy choices.  They simply build a house that has five bedrooms and two bathrooms, as they said all enough for them to have a good life with a comfy environment. The indoor garden is full of plants which they had growing their food.

The owners of this natural house Ingrid and Benjamin are well satisfied with their cob house. They had shared the experience of their house with lots of different features.  Compared to the other houses the feel is different from all features. It’s hard to explain about the whole process and the beauty behind the house.

Imagine how wonderful their lifestyle is …

Read more and find as much as you can. Because this is not only a story of the house. This is an inspirational story for all of us to learn new things and how to maintain a sustainable life.


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