We all are very interested to follow up on historical stories. I’m going to share a fantastic story with you. historical wall arts are amazing creations that have been around for years. Have you heard about Neanderthals?

Adhering to the traditional art cultures that have existed since the past, some finger marks have been found on the cave wall in Northern France. This can be identified as one of the oldest pieces of evidence to prove that the arts were done by our ancient humans more than thousands of years ago. Scientists believe that these finger marks are created by Neanderthals.

According to the research minds, it says that there is no clear meaning behind these creations but they very complicated to understand. With the historical background behind the story, it has been considered that the people still have links with the DNA of Neanderthals. Scientists may follow up more on these projects to finalize these stories.

Neanderthal residences can be found in Spain and their first generation may lead to the kind of value-added creations but there are slowly disappeared thousands of years ago. Before 130000 years of past, this species from this generation has spread all around Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

These weird creations can be seen at the entrance of the walls inside the cave. There can be different marks found on the longest walls and they are divided into different parts also. Researchers found out that the marks are made intentionally. Some animal claw signs are also identified and some of the marks are similar to human fingers. According to the conclusions of the research these creations are confirmed to have been done by Neanderthals. 

The cave was hidden until 1846 at the time when they started the excavations for the construction of railway expansion. Lots of research articles are conducted to clarify the historical value of these wall arts. If you go through the shared photos here you can see that the cave is in four parts. According to historical reports the first time of excavation started in the 20th century. As I mentioned above scientists follow up on these things more and as a result of it, lots of evidence representing their tools and different structures in Neanderthal’s social culture.

In my opinion, we can define art on one framework, person to person it is different from each other. If you go beyond this, you cannot find the end of the story. Because this is a story with many years of history. The estimated year according to the research is 57 000 years back. Excavating to find these things is not an easy task.

Neanderthal Engravings as the oldest patterns carved in France these arts are significant remark that adds value to the historical background of France. Dr. Jean-Claude Marquet who was an archaeologist at the university of Tours may lead following up these Neanderthal cave engravings with his team.

So, this is an incredible story that the commenters will be impressed.  Share your opinion on this.

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