People show their love for animals in different ways. We share our unlimited love with our pets, or in the same way as non-domestic animals. So this is a heart-touching story in which you will be sensitive to this unconscious love.

So the story is about an extraordinary personality whose qualities we need to appreciate. Jason Hardesty is a UPS driver who provides his service by delivering the parcels in their city. While returning, he is enjoying his job with the street dogs. He has taken pictures with the cute dogs he met during the service. He is enjoying his time taking selfies with them.

His selfies with dogs are posted on his Instagram and go viral with lots of comments and love from their fans. These unexpected meetups are memorable for them. So he shared his first post with a cute dog, and people showed some love. This unplanned moment made him so happy, and he decided to have a picture every Friday during his delivery. Time passed, and he never expected that kind of love. So, not only with dogs; he had some more selfies with other cute animals, too.

Look how cute these photographs are. If you went through his Instagram profile, you must have some more to enjoy.

She shared his experience with this beautiful journey. So he said that, with his job, it is hard to find some time for these special moments, but he found the time as much as he could to take selfies with dogs. He said that some were waiting for him and interested him. These dogs are amiable and show their love to Jason.

Don’t forget to share if you have the same kind of captures like this. Enjoy and comment below.


  1. Our UPS man used to leave a large Milkbone dog biscuit on our packages. Now, even though we’ve moved, my dog goes crazy whenever he sees a delivery truck coming up our drive. He thinks he’s getting a treat!


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