Hello, everyone, hope you all guys are enjoying the wonderful stories that we shared with you. we are going through different topics to give you a unique experience. So today let’s see how dog face for a photo shoot. This is not only about photoshoots.

Image credits: Enchanted Hills Photography

Hope we all love pets. Mostly dogs. As we all know pets are our friends. Some people are very familiar and close with their pets more than the people. Dogs are the most familiar buddy for humans. They are very loyal, and love and care for their owners. The companionship is very important.

The pit bull was founded by Mama Pickles when he was wandering alone in the streets. They understand that the beautiful pit bull needs some help to survive. this dog is 2 years old, and he is pregnant. Animal officers present to take care of this pregnant dog and try to find out her owners, but unluckily they understand that they never need to support mama pickles more and keep her in the shelter for a while.

Image credits: Pits And Giggles Rescue

This Pregnant dog needs some more attention and help rather than the shelter. She is very lucky to get the special attention of one of the nonprofit organizations, pits, and Giggles Rescue, who cares for the pregnant and nursing dogs and also for the little puppies. As a pregnant dog mom, her belly is big with a hard moment to move around and meet her rescue friends. The story is not only about this mama pickle.

Image credits: Enchanted Hills Photography

A series of photographs of this mama Pitbull and her little ones are captured by the Enchanted Hills photography to how sweet and lovely they are. She gave birth to eight little puppies, and they are so adorable. If you go through the posted photo series, you can see how he faces in the photos before giving birth to little puppies and the post-labour shots. See how proud she is of her little ones and how strong as a pregnant mother dog.

Mama Pickle is excited about her new life as a mother, and she knows how to pause for the photographs. The animal officers said that these mama dogs need some more attention and care after giving birth to their child. Must need to consider their health.

Image credits: Enchanted Hills Photography

Go through the Enchanted Hill Photography web page and social media profiles to these adorable shots. If you are a dog lover or an owner of a Pitbull, you will enjoy the story.

According to the web sources it says that she is very friendly and loves to move with people. This proud mama-to-be is such a beautiful model. So, her care partners in the rescue to do a photoshoot with this mama dog is successful with these beautiful shots.

Image credits: Enchanted Hills Photography

Mothers’ love never changes as humans or animals. All mothers love their kids. So, mama pickle is also very careful about her kids and their safety. The way she acts on the shoots before and after her pregnant journey is so proud and incredible in her every step.

If you have puppies share the experience with us. Enjoy the story and refer to more.


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