Read and enjoy Luna’s story and share your comments with us. If you are a pet lover you will enjoy the story. However, I believe most of us are cat lovers.

How Luna met her care partner

Image credits: luna_the_pantera

Luna is a little panther who has been rejected by his mother. This little one is born in a zoo in Siberia. And after his birth, her mother doesn’t be allowed to take care of her. During that hard time, she is very lucky to survive because of the women who visit the zoo and presented to take care of this cute little one.

Image credits: luna_the_pantera

The most important thing is the woman who got this responsibility to look after Luna has well experienced in taking care of these types of huge cats. Luna was growing up freely under her owner’s guidance. She has another pet dog Venza and Luna has enjoyed her time with her friend in their house. So, the family of the lady, Luna and Venza, are having a wonderful time with each other.

You can go through the shared photographs that show their moments of life.

Image credits: luna_the_pantera

How Luna enjoys life?

With the experience the lady has in animal care, she guides Luna for all kinds of exercises, meals and vitamins in the best way for Luna’s growth. It is not an easy task to look after animals. You must need to be careful about their safety, maintenance and life. What I want you to learn is, this is must responsible for you to pay more attention to them if you are allowed to take care of animals. They need more love from their care partners.

Image credits: luna_the_pantera

Panthers are not suitable for household animals as cats. They are a kind of harmful animal that can attract humans. The partnership with panther Luna and the dog Venza is also kind of risky but the woman truly maintains them with her experience.

Luna is unlucky to get much care from her mother but luckily survives. Big cats are not household pets, they are not allowed to adapt to the environment easily. Thankfully all went well in a positive way and Luna is adapting to her new environment. Little black panther is treated by the women in all good ways.

Image credits: luna_the_pantera

Follow up more to see the incredible photographs and share your ideas. See how they are collaborating; Luna and the dog is adorable. They have a strong bond and friendship with each other.

When the time woman visits the rescue, she got attached to this little leopard-type cat and she wants to be her owner. She is fed with special vitamins, and meals because after she was rejected by her mother, Luna never got a lack of milk.

Image credits: luna_the_pantera

Image credits: luna_the_pantera

This is such a remarkable story. Little one gets a new family and friends. Need to appreciate the attempt by the woman to take care of this little panther. As I mentioned above you can look after pets but you must be responsible to look after and love them in the right way.

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  1. AWESOME STORY, and really the Truth in the lady’s saying, and information, ” Love them, take Care of them, no matter what mischiefs they get into, they are just like children, know no better, until you train them, and teach them.
    My Precious Queassy, (German Shepherd), friend, companion, buddy, and Protector, as of yesterday is on the way to Heaven. Rear leg hip problems finally got the best of her. Bless Her heart. Happy 12 + years having her around, one of my pride and joys in life. Hated to see her go, but it was for her best, she is without pain now. Spend all morning yesterday, brushing her, talking, and patting her.
    Took her for her appointment, and stayed with her, talking and patting her, letting her know she was loved, till the end. RIP Little Lady

    • Run in Paradise Queeasy … Remember… dogs fill your heart with so much love before they leave us…that in time you can pass some of that love for another dog needing to be loved. Dogs are good like that ❤️

  2. My family had a lion. His name was Satan. We had him since he was 3 weeks old. We had a German Shepherd dog that he thought was his mom. He would try to bark like her but couldn’t as much as he tried. He was part of the family. We lived in Baltimore city until he was around 9 or 10 months old. Then we moved to New Freedom Pennsylvania on a farm so he would have room to run and play He loved us and we loved him When my mom died he knew before we did. He cried for a week he nonstop roaring night and day for a week. I miss him so much. This was in the late 1970’s. I was 10 years old when we got him. So I was the one who played with him everyday.


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