As we all know, the world creates many unbelievable things. But many harmful things happen thanks to people with the unconscious mind. Because of the selfish decisions of the people, this beautiful nature is being destroyed daily. Lots of harmful things can happen. We can’t get back that beauty again. But definitely, we all are breathing thanks to this nature. But people never value it or are not responsible for protecting our world. Environmental pollution is the most harmful and practical thing to all of us. This cause because of our unethical behaviors. According to the research, it has been identified that this environmental pollution is one of the most impacted reasons for death..

#A cotton bud inside a jellyfish

#A Sea Lion eating a plastic bottle.

Image Credit: Philsportsnews

#A disheartening image of a fish ensnared in a plastic glove.

Why did things happen?

Without considering the harm, people release all the unethical and non-recycled materials into the environment. Animals eat all those wasted things, and they lose their life. People never think about their responsibilities in the surroundings around where they live. However, innocent animals badly miss their lives because of these unethical behaviors of human beings; keep in mind that all the bad things get back to you. All the negative stuff we give will return to us negatively. This will happen step by step. Nature will save the lives of the people. We survive in the environment. So please be kind enough to protect the environment where we live.

Image Credit: Salmantino

#A distressing picture of sea lions entangled in plastic waste.

#Tragic death of bird caused by razor entrapment

Image Credit: Peachring

#Trapped Sea Turtle

Please look at these photographs. These animals lost their lives because of people’s unethical behaviors, and they released nonrecyclable things into nature. Every human being without any age gap needs to reduce this harm. You can also be responsible and advise others to be cooperative environmental protectors. We all need to be together to protect the world.

We never saw the harm, but we are getting back to getting things step by step.

We all are responsible for protecting this nature, so this is a big message to you. Be a responsible human.

we have to protect mother nature who always take care to us to live and survive in this world.

Image Credit: Voncho

#The crab lives in an old bottle

Image Credit: Imgur

#Plastic entrapment leads to bird’s neck and beak being trapped

#Trapped in plastic, this turtle’s waist couldn’t grow


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