Are you a book lover?

How do you use your creative ideas to come up with innovations and representations?

This is a kind of story related to books. So, we read books but we never think to use books for creations like constructions. By the way 74 years artist in Argentina, Marta Minujin has created a monumental replica from 100,000 banned books. Yes, not an easy task, but he did it. The purpose of this wonderful creation is to represent political repression.

Image credits: Roman März

Image credits: alexgorlin

The artist went through lots of sources to find these banned books, and finally, he is lucky to have help from the students at Kassel University. they help Minujin to identify 170 titles of banned books. This presentation is a part of the Documenta 12 art festival. They requested that the public donate these books in protective plastic and hung as in the selected structure. The artist’s attempts to convince the audience about the political impact are successful. Check the photographs and think about what you feel.

Image credits: si.leika

This is not the first moment of the Parthenon of books. In 1983 artists understood the moment first time that 25 000 books were banned by Argentina’s military junta. Constructions were again started in 22016 and 2017 officially open for visitors. Visitors can be a part of this wonderful creation by supporting to check the banned book list. The process is much more complicated but the artist’s attempt needs to be highly appreciated.

Refer to the web articles for more details and share your ideas with us. Story built up with a long historical background and this is kind of an iconic creation that talented artist refers to and done a big mission.

Image credits: lctanner

Image credits: rachelmijaresfick


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