Photography is an experimental hobby also a profession. Photographers capture every special moment. They do not care about the surrounding of that situation. By the way photography is something very funny and adventures.

Who is this “The new Dr. Dolittle”?

Allan Dixon is an Irish photographer. Allan Dixon is from Ireland and He is known as an animal whisperer. Unlike others, he took selfies with animals. The most common and famous thing is his smile. Most of his photographs are related to animals. He posing for the photos with animals in very creative and funny.

Dr. Dolittle shows us how to take adorable selfies with wild animals. In Dixon’s photographs, we can see adorable wild animals such as goats, kangaroos and ponies. On other hand domestic animals can be seen. it is very hard to get selfies with animals closely. But for Dixon, it is a very simple thing. Do you believe that real life dr. Doolittle have ability talk with animals? Pictures both the animals and he face clearly shows it. So do not need any more arguments. As the result of that Dixon is world famous as animal whisperer.

How should he capture the perfect selfies?

Allan Dixon has lots of memories and experiences in his photography journey. He has a sense of the environment and how to be friendly with animals. He clearly captured the perfect selfies. He said that is very important to understand how they safe and react. He travelled worldwide with taking wonderful selfies with animals. This, master of animal selfie taker does not forget to share his experiences with others. He shares them on his social media profiles. So, animal lovers, are you impressed? Follow Allan Dixon on Facebook and Instagram. Join with his you tube for more updates

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Dixon lead others and make them impressive taking this selfie with animals. The results were wonderful. He collaborates with the tourists and guided them.  Collection of the selfies goes viral through social media. Now he has 554k followers. His fans are very interested to see more photographs. Dixon said that it will take five minutes to three hours of time period to capture the amazing funny selfies.

Selfie taker starts journey at 2013 with baby camel

In 2013 Dixon won “Best job in the World”. Competing to others he is very popular because of his weird selfies. Allan Dixon said that he always needs to inspire others with the wild life to make them familiar. As mentioned, the story begins in 2013. After that in 2013, his first picture is with a baby camel. He is very creative in this field. See how he paused with his cute smile.

Dr. Dolittle advices others about the system that he follows for incredible results. As the latest news. He collaborates for a strange challenge. He needs to stay at dog kennels overnight. Dixon successfully overcome the best results on this charity program. He meets lots of wonderful animals and experiences.

Actually, can you believe his talent in talking animals. If you see the selfies its very clear that he is very close and friendly. Its very heart touching and people loved with them. Glad to hear that Allan Dixon is planning new projects for his fans. See how funny his appearance in the selfies. You can write here. Comment on your ideas. We are waiting to see how you interested with Allan Dixon’s wonderful pictures.



  1. Allan Dixon is amazing♥ I can see the joy that this connection that he makes with the animals and it’s beautiful, just like the selfies that he takes with each of them. Thank you for your information and the beautiful, wonderful, enjoyable photos that you are sharing♥♥♥


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