People who loved animals as their ones are such a great humanity. We saw that some people very openly share their love with animals as same as their ones. However, that’s a great thing. We just need to share our love with animals. Because we are the only people that can care and love for them. this is humanity. Although we can share our unlimited love and care for this world.

The story is related to one of the Puma cats, who found the most loved care and home to spend his lifetime. There is a Russian couple who luckily found this little cub. How kind they are. During their visit to the zoo in Penza, they first saw this little one who was only 8 years old at that moment. So they decided to welcome him as their new family member with lots of love and care.

This little one we can call Messi. One of the special things is two other cubs were welcome to the world with Messi. Suarez and Neymar are the other two cubs of Messi. But unfortunately, Messi was moving into the Saranki Zoo. Messi with sold to this place when he was only three months old. He fell out with some health issues at that age. By the way, he is lucky to find a new home with new care persons. This Russian couple, Mariya and Alexsandr decided to take care of him and adopt him as their new member.

The couple is expectedly very happy. Mariya said that they want a cat but they never think about Puma cat. However, they got the best gift. They kindly and warmly welcome this newcomer to their lives. If you go through the below-shared photographs you can see, how they take care of him. He plays the biggest role and part of their family. They are very careful about Messi’s every little thing. They arrange all the things in a comfortable way to give Messi the best home place.

They said that they were really surprised about the moment that the zoo agreed to give this puma. So maintaining this puma cat is not an easy thing. It is a very hard process to take care of him. More than the hard things, it is a big challenge. Because during the time they adopt him, he is suffering from some health issues and weaknesses. However, it is very important to pay more attention to him. Successfully they manage everything effectively by giving their fullest contribution to Messi. Couple enjoy the moments of Messi.

He played with them, spent time with them, and actively engaged in physical activities. They said that the time with Messi is like with a dog. So they come up with one of the options to train Messi. Finally, they fund a school of dog training which Messi can easily train for the normal habitat going beyond his category.

Messi has a strong social media fan base. You can follow him. However, all went well with Messi. This is Messi’s story. you can enjoy the story and the below photographs to see how he is familiar, active, and the little naughty things. Comment down below.  


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