This story is about a stray dog who finds his home in a monastery. So, have you heard any stories like this?

All of us have had different experiences with puppies and have heard lots of stories. So, this is an interesting story about a stray dog who was warmly welcomed to the Franciscan monastery of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

How was his life in the monastery?

According to Catholic tradition, there is a person, St. Francis of Assisi, who was appointed the patron saint of animals. By his order, Friar Bigotón was welcomed into the Franciscan monastery as their new member. This cuddly little dog is very lucky to have all their attention and love in his new residence. Before he joined this family, this little one was a stray puppy. After he is established as a new friar, he enjoys the life of playing and running with lots of love from others. They believe that their new member is God’s creation.

The most important point behind this story is that the brothers in the monastery believe that Friar Bigoton’s story will be an inspiration to others to help and settle the pets who need monasteries as their home.

See how friar Bigoton enjoy life. The above-posted set of photos shows how he spent his life in the monastery by contributing to religious activities, poaching fish, and patrolling the ground. According to the rule of Catholicism, he was christened by his brothers, and the animal rescue organization Proyecto Narices Frias may have facilitated this moment.

This four-legged member who joined the community also got a traditional dress. As per my opinion, this doggie is very lucky to have found a habit in this place.

In my opinion, this heartwarming story will make others interested and encourage them to adopt pets.


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