Hello foodies, let’s enjoy this wonderful food story.

Here I’m going to tell you an interesting story related to food. I think you all personally like this topic. No one can ignore. You can enjoy and have  fun.

When it comes to  food plans, we all need healthy food. But now a days this is one of the biggest problems. Because of the busy schedule already we miss our meal plans and tend to artificial food items. By the way this story is about a food artist mom who tries out a new concept for his son on his food plans.

Who is this artist mom?

Laleh Mohmedi is the food artist mom who is inside this wonderful story. As we obtained from the details he started in 2015 May. As the very first moment he decorates his son’s pancakes as a shape of lion. Her son Jacob’s get interested in it and they try out more and more artistic foods by spending more time in kitchen.

What about their food journey?

They upload their food creation in their Instagram account Jacob’s Food Diaries. As the main purpose artistic mom Mohmedi make a healthy and lovely meals to his son but they do not forget to share these adorable ideas with others. They create cartoon characters and other funny characters.

They use fresh and healthy products and have a fun not only for eat. On other hand this is an inspiration. You can try out this without any age limit. Mohomedi make the time memorable with these creative food arts. She posted the images on Instagram without any plan but the portraits go viral and people love it. she said that they decorate a plate within two hours. But for some complicated ones it takes more hours.

Finally, her son’s meals become an art. They both enjoyed this journey. They mostly used healthy and fresh vegetables and without any artificial ingredients. It is very important to appreciate this uncommon idea and her talent. The most interesting thing is she encourages other parents, his three years old son also join with her, and this may maintain a healthy and attractive meal.

All images via Jacob’s Food Diaries.

See how beautiful these photographs are, you can relax your mind. Because of this opportunity artist mom get mostly the positive feedbacks. Honestly, I’m sure you are interested in food arts and if somebody like you can try out.


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