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We are going to share a cool story with you. Have you heard about horses in ice land? I hope you guys enjoy the story as much as you can. This is not about the horses that we have seen before. These fairytale animals we can see in Iceland. They are white in color.

We are lucky to see this series of photos, thanks to this talented photographer, Drew Doggett. He is enjoying his photography life, exploring the world by capturing unique shots of people, cultures, and different landscapes. He has captured these beautiful moments with Icelandic horses. Most people are trying to capture the landscape of Iceland, but Drew Doggette’s attempts to go a step forward in capturing the horses have become more famous.

This talented photographer owns a wonderful series called In the Realm of Legends. The landscape and the beauty behind nature are so wonderful that they got everyone’s eye on them. The Icelandic horses surrounded here have a certain value.

As a traveler, he experiences different time periods in different places. The time he spent in Iceland was a totally different experience for Drew Doggett. He spends his time on the farm with a countable number of horses.

Imagine a moment on a farm with animals.

Yes, the photographer is lucky to experience the moment, especially in Iceland. Such a cool experience.

As we all know, nature’s creations are magical to each other. According to the identified details, the Icelandic horse with eight legs is known as Sleipner, which is known as the spirit animal of the mythological god Odin. All these things explain the real-world situations and the relationship between each other.

You can check out photographer Drew’s social media profiles for more shots.

See how the colorfulness creates the magical beauty of the environment and the animals. White horses are matching the environment like an art. They are merging with different weather conditions and seasonal changes. The most important point is that these are not separated photographs; he tries out a series of photographs at this moment.

We can see here the waterfalls, lagoons, beaches, and snow in the background of the Icelandic horses.

Capturing these wonderful shots is not an easy task. This photo series looks like a fairy tale, just like the white horses. Someone can enjoy a relaxed mindset. Apart from the white horse’s brown color, horses are also seen in the photographs. The landscape behind the photos may add value to Drew’s hard work.

Each image captures the horses’ strong, serene personalities in the midst of a dynamic, wild landscape. Doggett recalls that even though the horses were standing just a few feet away from millions of gallons of water falling, the waterfalls remained peaceful despite being incredibly loud and almost savagely beautiful. Other times, the horses would be completely silent as we shot in knee-deep snow and gale-force gusts.

From my point of view, the most stunning photos are captured under the sea view.

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