The Elephant rock in Iceland is a wonderful natural creation.  So, what is this elephant rock? Do you have any idea? There is a big story behind this. elephant rock is located in Iceland. Iceland is an island country in Europe. Iceland is known as “the land of fire and Ice”.  Geographically Iceland is very famous because of its active volcanoes.  In Iceland we can see small small islands. Elephant rock is fully natural rock that we can see in the Westman island. Believe it! completely appearance of the rock is like an elephant. If you have an experience with an  elephant face to face its something like elephant rock. Heimaey island is a part of Westman island and 1930 elephant rock was found from there. Because of the structure of the rock there are so many visitors come here to have this wonderful experience. So geographical location of the elephant rock is, it is located in near the Heimaey which is a part of Westman island. According to the details obtain Westman island has 15 sub islands but Heimaey has more tourist attraction.

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You can check out more photos of elephant rock. this may be one of the amazing experiences if you are interested. Natural creation is something we can never imagine. According to information formation of the rock is a result of volcano called Eldfell. There are so many beautiful photographs went viral we through the available sites. However, this elephant’s appearance of the rock makes the island one of the main points in tourist industry. Something special in here is it is surrounded by the sea and there are so many things and visiting areas for travelers around the island. Most of the travelers are interested to visit at elephant rock and share their memorable experience with others.  If you visit there it is very important to know about the way that you have to go. Before you reach the elephant rock you have to get into Westman islands. You can use a car or a boat ride or fly.

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If you visit there you can have some other experiences in this island. Around this you can see some other places such as The Eldheimar volcano museum, Heimaey stave church, saeheimar aquarium and swimming pool near the island, hotels for vacation. Above mention places are in the Westman island. As mentioned, fist you have to get in to the Westman island before the elephant rock. near the elephant rock you can see Thingvellir National Park, Cape Portland, and lighthouse. The rock is shaped like an elephant drinking water. It’s a beautiful creation. You can get general information about the elephant rock through this article. According to the history of the rock, as mentioned above the main reason for the formation is volcanic eruption. So, this is completely naturally erupted. People have different ideas about elephant rock and its history. You can see a wonderful view from the sea if you visit there. This type of nature’s creations is mostly important for the travelers.  Thanks to this wonderful place Island has become one of most tourists attracted country. Adding colors to it view of the elephant rock may increase the natural beauty of the area. As summarizing the general information about the elephant rock this is a very valuable place. You can argue that this can be a manmade creation. No, its natures gift because of the result of an active volcano in Westman. Geographically identified that’s it is located 7.4kilometers off to south coast of Iceland. No more arguments, you can easily understand why it is called elephant rock. you know because of its wonderful structure of an elephant head. So, you can get a simple idea about this natural place and be updated with the photographs.

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