The world is a collection of so many things. It may contain so many things including humans, animals, nature and etc.…. creation of all these things with different features may create one world. When it comes to the people there are different kinds of people who live in different countries with their own cultures, habits, and other characteristics. Among these things Melanesians are the one of the best examples.

So, who are these “Melanesian people”?

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Many years ago, Melanesian people arrived to their Melanesian Island. This uncommon word Melanesian is a Greek word that comes from the Greek language. Simply it means black island people. One of the special characteristics of this type of people with black skin and blonde hair. When it comes to the Melanesian’s history this word is first time used in 1832 by Jules Dumont d ‘ Urvallie. several years ago, they lived in south pacific and arrived in to America.

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. As an example, most of the Melanesian people can be seen in Papua New Guinea. According to the information that we gain, the present situation of Melanesian’s is completely different from the past years. During the time that they arrived as slaves they hunting and kidnapping as a part of their life to live. Once they get used to that life, they associated with the Europeans. So now most of the Melanesians are Christians.

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Geographically there are four countries/ islands that can be identified as the places which the Melanesians are lived. They are Fiji, Vanuatu, Indonesia, Solomon Islands and Papua new ginia. When we talking about the Melanesians Solomon Island is very popular Island which is located in south Pacific Ocean can be called as a Melanesian Island too.

In here a question “are Melanesian people different from others? “it’s something very Important depend on someone’s attitudes. Creation of one person is a combination of the culture, attitudes, skills religion and all the other human characteristics. (Body shape, skin color, language, appearance etc.…) someone can say that we all have in common as a living being that we all breathe and same blood. Definitely we can agree with this. explaining that how related to this is, as mentioned in the above according the details given, they are different only from their special characteristics when compared to other people in the world. In different countries people are different from each other according to their cultures. so, Melanesians specially identified with their skin color and blond hair comparing to others.

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If someone is interesting in Melanesians, it is very important to know about their cultural, social, economical and physical environment. According to the details about them the situation in several years ago is developed now. They have their own traditional events. Melanesians speak so many languages such as English, Tok-Pisin, and Hiri Motu language of Papua New Guinea and some more depend on the other countries they live. Summarizing some details about Melanesians most of them are Christians, they celebrate their independent day as the main holiday like other countries, relationships between them is something too difficult because we can see there are so many villages and most of the marriages are occur depend on this village-to-village system and also the family life is very difficult.

. Melanesians have their own clothing patterns. In social media sights we can see them with some body decorations. In Additions to these points, they have their own food items and their education style is mainly depending on their tradition, do not focus on the European style.

So, what do you think about Melanesian? are they special? someone has an idea that, “wow its something wonderful comparing to others”. Definitely as an outsider, its completely different from other traditions and new experience. Finding out about them is also different. We can make an argument relating to this.” Melanesians adds a weird beauty to world with their cultural, traditional features and other hand from their black skin and blond hair”. Think what is your idea? and clearly imagine who are Melanesians, about their lives. This is an article about the Melanesian people and a brief description about them.


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