Celebrating the world whale’s day.

The story will be dedicated to sea lovers. Rather than that, all the people who are interested in enjoying the moments of the sea, you guys can comment below.

When Is the world whale day?

#1 Whale Whisperers

More info: mauiwhalefestival.org

From my point of view, I believe that at least one person reading this has had the experience that I’m going to share. The story is about the most extraordinary thing that comes to our mind when it is the sea. People love to enjoy the different moments of aquariums. Aquatic organisms are the most attractive ones that add beauty to the sea and its nature. There are lots of aquariums we can see all around the world with millions of aquatic organisms.

Whales are the most giant animals in the sea. So that’s why you guys have at least one experience. We can show them live shows and commonly in films. The time with them is excellent. So World Whale Day is on the 3rd of February. Most of the countries celebrate this. These days, it means the protection of the sea creations. On the purpose of that world, Whale Day is celebrated as a festival that started in 1980 at Maui. Hawaii. This festival is not only a celebration but also means the protection of sea creatures and their habitats. There are more things included, like music and happening things that people can enjoy. There is a happening festive vibe.

#2 Gentoo And Adélie Penguins Watching Humpback Show

#3 Humback Whale And Diver Shake Hands

Significant Threat for the Whales

Unfortunately, they are facing a significant threat today. Because of the pollution of the environment, they are step by step, losing their habitats and their life too. It is currently estimated that 80,000 mammals can be counted worldwide.

They have their right to live and live. We are highly responsible for protecting these sea animals. As I explained earlier, I hope you guys have a great, memorable time with whales; at least one person who read the story, please share your experiences and memories.

We can contribute to protect them.

#4 A Curious Beluga Whale

#5 An Albino Humpback Whale

Celebrating days is not enough, as that interest, we all need to be humanistic to protect these natural creations. This world is open to everyone. Whales have a vast capacity to travel and are extensive in size.

Check out the photographs shared here. Which is your most liked one?

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