Magical drawings from typewriter

artists can create magical art. Going beyond the framework of traditional arts there are lots of different ideas created by talented personalities. so, this history is related to art by typewriter. As we all know, arts are mostly drawn by using a pen or pencil or whatever is used for drawings. but with the development of technology people are moving forward with digital arts using digital equipment. however, this is not using traditional drawing materials or digital arts. This is different.

Could you believe that you can draw art using a typewriter?

you just need to believe it. because I will ensure that art can be done by typewriter.

one of the talented artists James Cook awarded international credits for his art by using the symbols and letters of typewriters. this talented artist owns more than 300 arts in 10 years. these arts include the images of different celebrities as similar as the pop culture personalities. Cook recreated lots of art and they got very famous.

this typewriter artist enjoys his artworks well. rather than that we also can enjoy his art. Can you believe that the secrets behind his art will make us so much fun?

yes, the most special thing is, to draw these arts he used words. But the output is a wonderful drawing. so we can find out the secret words that he used to create this typewriter art. If you guys love to enjoy his art go and follow his social media channels and keep in touch.

hope you may have lots of fun with these magical arts. don’t forget to comment down below if you find the hidden secrets.

And, I need to appreciate his talent and creativity. it is not an easy task to continue.

so we are waiting to see his typewriter drawings more and more. follow and enjoy

James Cook: Website | Instagram

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