Hello everyone, let’s have some fun with an avocado story. Hope you are all avocado lovers, if not it’s ok, you may not like avocados as a food but I’m sure that you will like these beautiful creations made from them. I always believe that nature’s creations are god’s gift. From one thing we can create thousands of things. We have multiple options.

how does the story begin?

Moving on to the story, hope you all get impressed to try out these incredible creations. Do you believe that avocado seed or pit that none of us consider for anything, can use be used to do beautiful arts? It just happened. Most of the use throw it but Irish artist Jan Campbell sees the hidden beauty behind these avocado seeds. One day she had avocado as a part of her meals. Adding some value, as we know avocado is such a high nutritional fruit that we can enjoy the taste. Anyway, during the time of preparation, she points out a hidden beauty behind the pits. Brown color avocado pits may force her to come up with amazing artwork. Finally, she finds out the nature behind the pigmented surface and started craving it. She never stops trying on it until the successful outcome.

What structured the artwork like?

She started exploring these magical creations in 2014. Her sudden idea comes up with an incredible mission. She accidentally saw the orange color pigment on the surface. That’s the turning point she never wants to stop exploring more on this item. Jam Campbell is already a talented artist but this is her first project on this type of innovation. This is not an easy task, must need more patience and a relaxed mindset. Because in the level of practical, we are dealing with our creative ideas.

Any chance to buy these items?

After she attempted this, Irish artists started creating these wonderful carvings using avocado seeds. So Jam Campbell is such a wonderful person that we need to appreciate her creative skills and talents to find out these incredible creations. Mostly these artworks are structured as faces of forest spirits and ancient typefaces with long hair and beards. Wild plants etc. mostly statue-type creations can be seen. so these unique creations may feel your unique sense. Artist’s main purpose is also to feel unique and comfy. Because of the beauty and the uniqueness behind the wonderful creations they got viral and famous through the sources. Jam expands her artworks and now you can purchase these things. Handmade items from avocado pits may make you impressed.

Check out these photographs and see how beautiful and talented the artist is.

Hope you can also try to do things using unhidden things that we never think twice for use. You can follow up more on her official social media accounts. Get inspired, learn, and find. Also, you can check out her website to enjoy the amazing artwork


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