Hello everyone, hope you all are enjoying the best with our shared articles. Today we are going to enjoy a new topic that we never shared before with you. we all love babies; we all have a period as a baby. So the story is about a baby boy.

Baby Ryan is a premature child who was born 9 weeks earlier with low weight and after his birth, he was in NICU for six weeks. As we all know babies with premature ones face lots of health impacts. This baby boy is very cute and adorable. Matt Macmillian who is the father of this little boy captured some photographs of different moments. During the journey of pregnancy, premature birth is one of the critical problems faced by mothers.

Shaving that 5 o’clock shadow

Mowing the lawn

Blowing the leaves like a champ

Moving on to the scenario related to this little boy is hilarious. As I said earlier this little one’s father never forgets to capture the wonderful moments. He said that he had had the same experience of a photoshoot two years ago when their little daughter was born. He had shots from the moment of infant and he did not want to miss another chance for his son. So he got the idea to have a photoshoot with his newborn baby Ryon.

If you go through the photographs, you can see how he advanced in his moments. Hope there is a smile on your face. This was not planned to do a photoshoot. But unexpectedly all went well. For each shoot, it takes around 15 to 25 minutes. Before the photoshoot, he worked hard to design the outfits. After that, he made all the arrangements to set up the background and the lighting.  This is not an easy task he has to do his photoshoot with a baby.  Ryan’s father is not alone in this mission. His wife, Ryan’s mother gives her fullest support with lots of care and hard work. She holds her baby for the shots. They have selected the best photographs out of the all captures.

Chopping that firewood

Catching his first fish (and release)

Tuning up mom’s Prius

They decided to share the photographs on their social media pages. They got lots of love from the audience, but some disappointments can be seen. Because of the rayn safety.  But it says that his father and mother always be careful about his safety during the photoshoot. His father said that he is waiting for baby Ryan’s future to see his comments when he is a young boy.

These photographs are very funny.

As I said earlier the danger is just only came from Photoshop parents are responsible for the safety of this baby child. Hope you guys have lots of fun with this adorable baby Ryan.  How supportive this little one is.

You can try out the different concepts like this. Can you imagine his comments after 18 years?  If you guys have babies you have experienced their cute moments and funny things. The time with them is so much memorable. We all love babies.

Read this and enjoy. I want you to know your experiences with your babies. Share with us.  


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