Art is a form of communication. On top of that, it’s a collaboration of so many sensitive components, such as creative expressions. Emotions and imaginations. As per my opinion, there is a hidden art behind everything. Before moving on to this beautiful story, what is your opinion on art?

However, this is going to be an interesting story for you. “Rainbow Grandpa” is a famous figure who shows how art is powerful to save things. That means he saves his village by using his talent in full color. This wonderful personality, Huang Yung-fu, who lives in Taiwan, has a unique talent for doing beautiful art.

How does he save his village?

Huang Yung Fu, the last person who lived in this residential village, faced some problems 10 years ago. Because of the decision taken by the Taiwanese government to move down this village and build an apartment in this place. The government decided to give him money and settle him with the facilities, but this person doesn’t want to move out of here, missing his memories and time in his residence. However, this threat has pushed him to create magic. This happened because of the government’s decision; he started painting his house with different multicolored art. When the arts become famous for their beauty and talent, some universities will take part to help him after hearing about his story. Because of these things, he became famous as “Rainbow Grandpa”.

Have you heard about him?

According to the web resources, Huang Yung Fu was born in China, but after the war, they lost their nationalists. Then they all moved to Taiwan and settled down here, but at the end of the journey, he was the last person remaining in this village. In Taichung village, this 97-year-old resident doesn’t want to lose the place that made his life beautiful.

This is an art gallery. All these photographs show how these paintings attract your eyes. It is not easy to paint the buildings and walls. Clearly, how strong was he? The most important thing is that he is not only saving this wonderful village, but because of its popularity, it has become an icon in Taiwan’s cultural heritage with tourist attractions.

Finally, this colorful village has lots of tourist attractions. At the end, he won the battle with the government’s decision to keep this village.

He never lost and always added value.

See how beautiful his works are.

Arts in Taichung, “The Rainbow Village,” is such an inspiration story to someone, and the Rainbow Grandpa, who is the artist behind the huge mission, is a motivator to build yourself up with creativity. If you go through the photographs in the web sources, you can see how people have enjoyed these magical arts.

What I want you to learn from this story is to “fight with your talents to build up yourself and the world”.


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