Hello everyone, hope you guys have wonderful memories with our shared stories. Today we are going to share something unbelievable. Before going through this beautiful story, have you guys experienced any bridal shoots?

This story is mostly important for girls because one of the most happening moments in girls’ lives is their wedding, being a bride, and the moment a bride made. Both are safely interested. But if I said this story will be enjoyed by both the girls and weddings for sure. Rather than going through the topic both the girls and boys are enjoying the wedding but it’s positive.

More info: Photographer’s Facebook | Rebeca’s Instagram

Don’t be confused, about what am going to share with you. As we all know, at a wedding we can see a team of the bride made with the bride and a team of best men with the groom. Moving on to the story this will happen in opposite.

This wedding is in Brazil, which was full happening with the bride’s girlfriends as boys.

Ohhhh are you confused or unbelievable?

Relax and stay until the end. I’m going to share the story.

More info: Photographer’s Facebook | Rebeca’s Instagram

This girl is a computer engineer in Brazil and there are sixty students in her class of engineering. Mostly we know the engineering field is mostly followed by boys. However, from the 60 students in the class, there are only four girls and Rebeca is one of the girls who take part in this journey. So during the time of her studies, she never got any female friends. But she found some colleagues who are boys as her best friends. Rebeca is 24 years old and she got this idea one week for her wedding. She believes that it was such a great concept that no one followed, and the bride’s shoots were finally so beautiful. Series of photographs get lots of attention and share more. Apart from that it says that the team has enjoyed that moment with lots of fun. She invited her bros to make the moment beautiful, and she was very happy with that decision. Because the bridal shoot is wonderful.

More info: Photographer’s Facebook | Rebeca’s Instagram

Check out the photoshoot through her Facebook and social media channels. You can see how the boys enjoy by suite as girls. Bride-to-be Rebeca Brante’s wedding shoot will be an unforgettable memory for her for her lifetime.

What do you think about this? share your ideas also.

These beautiful Bridal shoot shots are captured by one of the talented photographers Fernando Duque Fotografia.

I’m also unbelievable that this kind of concept is in the real world, especially for weddings in real. But it just happened. Need to appreciate the boys’ support on their friend’s wedding and make the shoot beautiful. In my point of view, she is lucky to have this kind of humble friend.

More info: Photographer’s Facebook | Rebeca’s Instagram

Time with friends is one of the most enjoyable moments in our lives. So you can try out different concepts with your friends. Make your special days beautiful and memorable. Friendship never depends on gender. We can have both girls and boys as our friends in honesty. But the most important thing is to be humble and honest in our friendship with each other. Having good friends is such a blessing.


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