We all have dreams. So when we are kids, we plan to have different ambitions and who we will be in the future. Remember the time in your school when the teacher asked you who you wanted to be and what your ambition was? You have different answers: be a doctor, be a teacher, be a pilot, etc…

Image credits: sabbrinajxx

But what was the reality? When we grow up as adults, sometimes our childish ambitions change. We choose different paths. But some people work hard on their targets at kids’ age. There is a probability. They are moving on to today’s story, about a girl who achieves her dream of being a pilot.

However, as we all know, we expect appreciation for our hard work. Because of the experience, skills, and hard work, the effort we put into it may make us specialize in the selected field. What do you feel if you never got any appreciation or recognition, mainly because of gender? This story is about a young girl who has eight years of experience in her job role as a pilot. She is Pilot Sabrina Johnson.

Image credits: sabrinaleej

Image credits: sabrinaleej

There is a TikTok video that goes viral in public related to this guy. What will happen here is there is a video posted in TikTok asking her whether she was a flight attendant, which a gate agent asked. During that time, she was dressed in her pilot uniform. This should be normal for her. What is most admirable is that she was 22 years old, and  has had eight years of experience as a pilot.

How do you feel? There are lots of similar things happening in the industry. Gender difference is one of the most highlighted things in this society. These things can be seen in common in every industry and every field. Sabrina answered the interview questions in public and clearly explained how challenging the job role was, how she accepted those things, and how she advised others interested in this career.

She explained that the biggest challenge during her journey is the time of communication with people. So, as we all know, she said that the things learned during the class and practically flying are different. She is such an inspiration to others. Never think about your gender; you are a girl or a boy. However, you do what you love and are skilled in.

She was pleased and proud about her journey as a helicopter pilot. Things are going well. She gives a message to the audience. We have to respect each other. Especially in our career, we have to be humble and good people when we develop professionally. But in the same way, we must respect and treat people correctly because their journey is full of commitment, hard work, and dedication.

I hope you all enjoy the story and learn things for your life. Comment down below.


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