Think if you got any chance to experience the wildlife, how you feel, and your interest in wild animals. Some are very interested in wildlife photography, traveling, and filming wildlife-related things. Likewise, there are lots of consequences that we can identify the people enjoy the wild life-related things in different ways.

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From my point of view, I’m very sure that you don’t have any experience with the story that I, ‘m going to share with you. Can you believe or heard from that anyone who is stressed about dressing up as a wolf and enjoying the feeling of it? It has just happened. This is the story behind this strange incident.

Toru Ueda is an engineer in Tokyo Japan who has a wired interest to dressed as a wolf. He spent $23000 for the wolf suit. See the below-posted photograph that clearly shows the real look of a wolf. The costume has been designed by one of the iconic production and modeling companies that are leading to providing costumes for the tv and film industry.  Zeppet company work hard on this design by communicating with Ueda through lots of email convocations and face-to-face meetings.

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So, it says that he is very interested in dressing as a wolf because of different reasons. He wants to feel how life will be as a wild animal and also, he needs to lead life temporarily as a human and look at how the world is an animal eye. So it is such a kind of unique idea that we never thought of easily. He got stressed about this to fulfill the need. As a result of this, he invests in a custom-made wolf costume which is designed by the four people within seven weeks.

Finally according to his will designers made this outfit with lots of hard work on it. As a result of the successful output Toru Ueda says that, he feels he is not a human no longer when wearing this costume. And also, enjoys freedom by hiding his identity as a human to get away from the trouble.

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He decided not to dress up as a wolf in Tokyo and also on the occasions. He believes that it is not safe and unnecessary at all times. But he is very lucky to have his friends who helped and supported him to be happy.

His dream comes true by giving him the best feeling as a wolf while freeing him from human character. According to the highlights from the sources, it has been identified that customers request similar kits from Zeppet. With Ueda’s request for this, there is a significant demand for this wolf suit.

Image credits: Zeppet

Toru Ueda has dreamed of this since his childhood. The interest never went out of his mind. He is not the only person who tried out this but see the photographs shared here. It needs to be highlighted the suit looks like a real wolf.

So read and enjoy the story. Find out more and share your opinions with us.

Image credits: Zeppet



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