Who is Joe whale?

Image credits: The Doodle Boy

This little boy is world famous as the doodle boy. He is ten years old and he lives in Shrewsbury, England. He said that he started interesting to art when he was 4 years old. When the joe is 6 years old, he started drawing doodles. He is well satisfied by his arts and believes that he is the, happiest person. This little boy is very creative in his cartoon drawing. The talent god give for him is such an amazing gift. He is very lucky that his parents Vanessa and Greg give their fullest support to improve his talents. They encourage Joe to develop his creativity. The other hand Joe is interested in football and cricket. He is a member of the performing arts school too.

How should he start?

Image credits: Caters

Since he was in the school he was doodling in the class. His teacher saw this and joe got into a trouble in the classroom. The teacher will inform his parents. After that his parents had understood the special creativeness in his mind and enrolled him to after school after class to support Joe whale. His teacher has posted his creative doodles in her Instagram profile.it may become one of the big inspirations that doodle boy have in his life. Also, his parents encourage him as their responsibility.

Joel’s doodles.

Image credits: Caters

Joe whale has his own style for his drawings. He is very happy. After developing his skills, he started doodling professionally. He has a large fan base and is very popular worldwide. Comparing to the other children in his age this is a very special talent that God gifted him. This little kid shares his doodles through social media. As a world- famous character doodle boy has 117k followers on Instagram and also, he shares his doodles through the you tube. You can check out his new updates.

Image credits: The Doodle Boy

Joe said that doodling is the best thing that makes him happy. He enjoyed it well and also definitely his fans are enjoying his creative doodles. Something very special is he inspired others to be related with the things like this. some fun fact we can heard about this little boy is most of his note books are full of the doodle arts. As mentioned in the above his art teacher posted Joe’s doodles in social media. Most of the people get interested and loved in his arts. This may become one of the big opportunities to develop his artistic mind.

Image credits: The Doodle Boy

Number 4 staff noticed about joe whale’s doodles and they invite him to decorate the restaurant by his wonderful arts. Successfully he finished drawings on the walls in the restaurant. It takes near 12 hours to complete this. see how beautiful this picture is.

Image credits: Greg Whale

Image credits: The Doodle Boy

Now this kid is world famous artist and also famous as the doodle boy. His artistic mind is amazing. Also, he is very proud about his talent and the opportunities that he has. Absolutely this is his passion. Doodle boy contributes for the drawing workshop with middle school students. Joe is positive minded. Something important for his fans is, he is going to launch a new book by using his talent. The most supportive thing he got is the other’s appreciation for his work.

Image credits: Bloom

Image credits: The Doodle Boy

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  1. i love the creativity of this young boy and that it is being encouraged along with all the other creative items that are being included in this area, but what i am less happy with, are the other items that are coming up along with it, and that by their very inclusion are being encouraged and i think it is is sad that they are even being allowed. I mean will this little boy even be able to even view his doodles in their natural environment without someone having to ‘edit’ them out first?! I think it’s sad that women should resort to such behaviour to achieve whatever their reasons are for behaving so ‘provocatively’ (to put it mildly) and i wish they would take them to a more appropriate environment. Once it was a public phone kiosk and i am sure the equivalent must exist in pubs and clubs, so can’t they stay in this environment and not inflict themselves in places where children are at risk of viewing them and protect children from knowing what adults get up to, long before they have to leave innocence behind. Innocence gets left behind earlier and earlier as it is, please can we extend it for as long as possible? If you agree with me, then please can you do your best to protect them as long as possible as well…


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