The world is a combination of so many beautiful things and a creation of nature. Sometimes it may be a process.  A collection of different things create a single one. combination of all these can be identified as the universe. According to the world map geographically, we can identify so many countries and islands. So, what is this article about?

Socotra is such a wonderful island with full of natural beauty. Socotra is a Yemen Island and geographically located in the Indian ocean off to the coast of Somalia. as mentioned in the above island is full of natural beauty. One of the special features of the Socotra Island is, in here trees are like mushrooms and umbrellas. There are lots of dragon trees can be seen. Socotra is identified as world’s most isolated island but 6 million years ago, Socotra separated from Africa. An island is a slightly different place. The natural and physical environment of the island is different from other places. It may contain some special features owned  it. One of the main points is the climatic change in the island. Climatic conditions may change from  season to season. Because of the bio diversity of the Socotra make the island very popular worldwide. According to the information that we obtained Socotra belongs to Yemen. Some sources state that people are live on this island. Overall, its near 150 000. The past of the Socotra Island goes back many years and years ago. It’s very clear about the history of Socotra Island.

credit to the original photographer

The island is highly populated because of its bio diversity as mention above. Believe it, it’s a magic. If you follow the recommended sites about Socotra, you can be updated about this wonderful island and also full of knowledge and fun. Sometimes Socotra is a secret. It’s a natures gift.  It’s very sure visiting Socotra may be an amazing and super experience. There is a season that travelers visit on Socotra. During the year, the  period of travelling  is indicated as April to may and they stop travelling because of the monsoon season again  started in the month of October. People can get adventure experiences too but something special, traveling to this island is not easy. There are some main languages like, Socotra and Arabic can be known as the mother languages that spoken by the people on Socotra Island. only the accepted way that you can use to enter to Socotra is flying. It takes some more time and the flights are only at scheduled times. Comments about the visitors clearly shows that Socotra is one of the places that has lots of tourist attraction. No experiments and argument. That’s the reality. Because if you visit Socotra definitely it may become one of the memorable time period in your travelling life.

Are you a nature lover? Super exited!

As a value added this beautiful island is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. In other hand the main threat for Socotra is alien species, changes in climate and some other impacts from animals. Trees in Socotra Island has medical value. Different varieties of bottle trees and flowers will increase the natural beauty of the island.

Kristina Makeeva is a professional photographer who visited to Socotra Island to have this great experience. Through Kristina Makeeva’s Instagram profile you can see so many magical pictures of Socotra Island. According to the detail dragon tree is the main plant which beautify the Socotra. So, it is the symbol of this island. In Socotra there are some small villages in the part of the island. This wonderful island can be identified as one of the unique places in the world. However, it’s very clear that Socotra is largest magical place of four islands. When it comes to the values of Socotra, this island is globally important because of its diversity and different varieties of plants and animals.

You can download some more beautiful pictures of Socotra from available sites. Practically if someone visit to Socotra it is very important ta have a good idea and clear image of the island to have a great experience. In concluding all of us know earth is the only plant with living beings in this universe. It’s a huge process. Small and small things get together may create one word. Nature and the natural beauty may added value to all these things. Socotra is such a nature’s gift like that. As lucky as, if some one heard or visit to have this great experience of Socotra Island in unbelievable.


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