Do you have any idea about ART? Art is the creation of so many combinations. You may have a different idea. Everything in the world is art. Different people all over the world are interested in different things depending on their related environment. In other hand as a hobby people spent time with their favorite things. Artist can be introduced as one of the creations of this nature.

What do you think about seashell arts?

Are you interested in this field? If someone is interested this is for you. This is Anna Chan’s journey.

This wonderful woman who is popular as a sand /shell artist, nature blogger and a jewelry designer named Anna Chan in New York. Her story is full of seashell creations and art. Its something very common that we heard “people have a strange connection with the sea “. Believe it, the sea can change the mind, relax the mind and it can give life to a person. 

When it comes to Anna Chan’s story, she is a professional jewelry designer. Using her skills, she comes up with uncommon new designs. One of the special things that identified is, her daughter is also supporting her to design these items. During the period of lockdown Anna and her daughter spent most of the time at the beach. During this time, they try some sand sculptures. Using their artistic mind and skills, they need to create some creative sand sculptures. Finally, they succeeded as they thought.

As a way to adding colors to their sand art designs, they try a new concept. Such a different thing with adding seashells to the sand designs. Most people love seashells, as a hobby most of us loved to collect sea shells and see so many creative items made with them in the market. Combination of Anna’s sand arts and seashells finally create wonderful and attractive designs. She is completely successful. If you follow her Instagram profile you can be updated with her seashell arts. She posted all her creations through social media. Most of the Anna’s arts are related with the animals and nature.

Anna chain said that she has get motivated through others’ ideas and she do not need to work in one single frame, she always needs to try new ideas different from each other. Her initial idea is to design 12 seashell portraits for the calendar. Anna chain faced so many challenges during the time of creating her arts. According to the details that we gain from the artist, she describes those artworks with sand is not easy or simple like others. Because sand is not a raw material that can be kept in one place.  Specially she said that it is very important to have a suitable clear environment with relax mind and also the patience.  In here some one can argue “are you sure the final output will be a attractive and loved one”. Yes, definitely as mentioned in the above she uses their artistic skills and ideas in well known manner, she is completely successful in this field with the support of her daughter.

In here one question, most of her fans and the loved ones are interesting, “what about Anna Chan’s future plans and about her seashells art collection”. According to her, told that she has so many new future plans through this project and create a place for her designs. If you are interested stay updated with her arts, we can see how will she make interested more with the designs.

By the way this is something new for seashell lovers and also a new experience. Anna Chan started with collecting seashells and she developed her ideas in the lockdown period. Her first creation is a turtle but now she has passed so many steps in her journey. As an upcoming artist in this field Anna Chan can get wonderful experience and also her fans. People can see her creations very attractively and artistic but the process behind it is too complicated. So, seashell creation is a part of art. Someone can try this if you are interested like this wonderful artist Anna Chan. No argument, this is something that some one can get super excited about.


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