We can see so many nature created things in this world.

Have you heard about tunnels? This is not a completely natural created thing. But the underground part of soil may dug and people may construct these tunnels. Constructing tunnels are very complicated and risky because the underground part of the soil is dug deeply. We can see underground tunnels and underwater tunnels.

A large paleoburrow in Brazil. Photo credit: Heinrich Frank

So, in here we are going to show some details about a south American tunnel dug by giant sloths 10 000 years. As we obtained from the details there is no reason for it.  This tunnel is called “ Palaeoburrows”. In some details it is mentioned that these massive tunnels are dug by the giant mammal without any reason. That means reason for dug these tunnels are not found.  This tunnel cannot be identified as a geological natural creation. Here scientists identified claw marks on the tunnel walls.

Outside the entrance to a paleoburrow. Photo credit: Heinrich Frank

On the other hand, the appearance of the tunnel is adorable. People pay more attention to these and someone says that they never seen something like this before. See this picture, there is a large hole like a cave. Heinrich Frank, a geologist from Federal university of Rio Grande de Sul and team of scientist research about this and identified some special characteristics. But the reason for dug is note founded yet. The most interesting thing is the tunnels are dug by mammals as we obtained from the details but in today world animals who dug this type of creation are not founded.  Something curious!

According to the details investigators and researches identified that this tunnel is the second largest in Brazil and the tunnel is huge in its structure. Researchers and scientist identified so many special characteristics and geological features regarding to this. scientist said that there is no geological system to create these underground tunnels with cross sectional circular shapes and the claw marks in the tunnel walls.

That’s the question for us? This may be an adventurous story.

Most of the scientist said that they can’t identified the real story behind this or some other reason of how this would happen. Because tunnel construction is too complicated and using large machineries and equipment. As per this scientist do not mention a clear explanation about this story but identified features may give you a simple idea.

Megatherium americanum, the giant sloth.

By the way this Is some information about the south American tunnel which is the second largest tunnel creation in Brazil. I guess that you may have a simple idea if you are interested. enjoy the story and share your ideas with us.

Source: Discover Magazine


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