Nature is god’s wonderful gift. Collection of thousands of diversified components in the environment may create a magical world.

Here this is very important for the nature lovers. Nature is a combination of so many wonderful and colorful things in our environment. Waterfalls, mountains, lakes, tunnels etc.…. country to country we can identify so many different natural resources. Depend on the geographical location they have their own nature. 

So, this is going to be a wonderful journey in Australia. What are the unforgettable experiences do you have in Australia?

Australia is a country that they have lots of natural wonders.  Believe this is not a dream world. Australia has wonderful creations.  So here we are going to have a wonderful experience with the Salt Lake in Australia. Pink lake in western Australia is one of the most beautiful Salt Lake in Australia which the water in the lake is pink in color. Pink lake in Australia is geographically located in Goldfields – Esperance, western Australia. But according to the details that we obtained by the web sources it says that the color of the water in the lake had not been change since 2017. But historically its pink in color and depend on the conditions it will change.

It is identified that pink lake is not probably suitable for animals to live. Because of the high salt concentration of the water only the microorganisms can be found. Australia as the home for lots of natural wonders, pink lake has tourist attraction by adding some value. If someone visit to Australia you may have wonderful full experience when you fly. Sky is blue down side is in pink. If you are lucky to see the pink lake in real you can get more and more memories.

If you are interested you can watch the photos and videos through the web sources for more details. It is not only one lake; pink lake is such a chain that consists of so many lakes covering the huge area geographically. It’s a collection that the length of this magical creation is 4km and the 2km in its width. Scientists identified that the reason for the color of the water in the lake is thanks to the algae. Depend on the weather conditions color will gate change. As mentioned in the above Australian pink lakes are collection of lakes such as Lake Hiller, Hutt Lagoon, Lake Eyre, Lake Bumbunga and the Lake Hart. These are some examples for the pink lakes in Australia.

This is not a fairy tale; this is the reality water in the lake is pink in color. It increases the natural beauty of the environment and add more natural value. If you are interested you can visit western Australia to enjoy the real wonder of this. but you are highly responsible to protect these natural wonders as nature lover. The bubblegum color pink water is the ionic that gain more tourist attraction. As a natural phenomenon, season to season some changes can be seen.

Pink lake aerial view on middle island surrounded blue ocean. Stark contrasting natural phenomenon in Western Australia.

the blue sky and the bubblegum pink water, what a magical moment? guess how wonderful is this nature. We are very lucky to see and hear these things. Photographers can dream about this.

so with the history of the past years scientists identified that it is very complicated to find out why the color turns. But after the researches they identified the reason as I mentioned in the above. According to the historical facts this can be identified as a terminal lake too. As a common point of view swimming in the lake is enjoyable and safe too but visitors do not try on this. but for sure you can enjoy the wonder.

In concluding, pink lake in western Australia is a natural creation which the interested people feel marvelous when they heard about it. This is such a god’s gift. Because all the lakes we can see blue and crystal-clear beauty in color. But in here there is a huge diversity.

So , if someone heard this first time it is very hard to believe that the water in the lake is pink. But this is the reality. You can get this experience by traveling there. Also keep in touch with the data update by the travelers’ researchers and photographers. Hope above mentioned information will guide to inspire you to visit here and be update about these natural places.



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