As we all know, we are in a world that is a collaboration of different countries, traditions, customs, regions, and types of people. We have our different ways according to our culture. But with the concept of globalization, we are interacting with each other. It is all about how all things get into one circle. We can easily reach and connect with other parties. Have good and bad effects.

What is this story about ?

This story is related to the photography journey of a photographer who is passionate about the disappearing cultures in the world. You may be wondering what is the relationship between despairing cultures and photography, and also what you mean by this culture despairing.

However, a famous and talented photographer, Alexander Khimunshin led the project “The World in Faces “This a project which inspired him to find the different cultures which were disappearing due to the bad impact of globalization. During his journey of photography, he traveled to 84 countries in the world.

According to the web sources it describes how hard he works on this project idea. To capture the photos of Siberia’s people he traveled alone for 6 months. This is not an easy task. But these photographs show how he succeeded in this project.

For the past six months of the period, he walked and travel 15 miles to capture photographs of the Siberian indigenous people and their cultural moments. Alexander has captured some unique photographs of different indigenous people. See how these photographs represent the different unique cultures in a sensitive way including their features. The photographer has experimented with the cultural values and represented to you also for some impression during his project.

These photographs show the different lifestyles of indigenous people and the beauty behind their cultures and traditions. The photographer’s talent needs to be appreciated because he works on this mission alone with himself.  In my point of view, this project should be a successful attempt and on the other hand such an icon to remember that these different cultures and values are the things that should not disappear and should be preserved forever.

Alexander Khimushin was born in Russia but he currently living in Australia. So his project world in faces, what you think about the name of the project and the photographs he captures. In my opinion, the hidden meaning shows how these two collaborate which each other. He shoots the unique faces of different cultures to the world. He had shared these shots on his social media. He got lots of feedback from all around the world for this wonderful project.

What I want you to learn is, we had lots of things that we never want to lose and had to experience. Values are hidden behind our self and god’s creations will lead you. However, like Alexander Khimunshin, he got the best advantage from his talent and work hard successfully on his work. And on the other side, he experienced lots of things during the six months and let you see all of them too.

If you are interested in this, hope the story inspired you for a startup.


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