Designing is a kind of process in which we are dealing with our mindset and creative skills. There is a hidden fashion behind every beautiful thing. We can design different creations. Can you believe that a dress can be made out of book spins? yes, this is a wonderful story on it.

Image credits: Sylvie Facon

A French fashion designer Sylvie Facon is very famous in France for her unique and incredible designs. She comes up with unique designs with uncommon materials that we never think of more. Designs are different from each other. That’s the uniqueness that designers need to represent through their designs. Her new innovative designs and creations can be seen in the diffract occasions such as designing shows and other events.

Image credits: Sylvie Facon

Image credits: Sylvie Facon

What is this project?

This frock design is an amazing design that shows the designer’s hard work on it. See these photographs, it’s very clear that this is not an easy task. So, this dress is highly fashionable and made out of book spins. I want to appreciate the designer’s attempt at this and the way that she used her skills. The design looks like an ancient dress that we can see in historical stories.  Hope no one else attempts these types of designs according to the web sources it says that dress represented the historical background of France and the beauty behind their traditions or cultural status. She used old books as the raw materials that made up this dress. The cost of the design is also higher value compared to her other designs.

Book lovers who are addicted to these kinds of things or people who loved fashion designing can follow up on her designs via Sylvia’s social media profiles and the official website.

Designs come across various materials. But book spins, yes never come to our mind. The designer’s attempt at this is finally successful with high attention from the audience. 

Are you interested?

This talented designer lives in northern France, the town of Arras. As a popular fashion designer in France. For most of her designs, she used unique materials. Hope her designs may lead you to the new innovative items. Be inspired and explore the world. According to the details about this huge mission, it takes 250 hours to complete the design and fabric of 40 meters. Another costume designer Morgane E.Grosdemange also take part in this mission.

Image credits: Sylvie Facon

Refer to the below photographs and comment down below what you feel and think.

This is unbelievable, more than that it is a kind of hard work to which the designer needs to pay more attention. Because the output is a collaboration of old books. What we can learn from here is, there are lots of things that we can get inspired. If you find out and are open to the world.

Finally, books were converted into beautiful dresses. Imagine that if you got any chance to dress, how wonderful that moment was?

Silvy Façon’s related field is not fashion design, she comes from a technological background but she find out her hidden talent in these arts. So, you can try also different things and learn.

Comment your ideas here.

Image credits: Sylvie Facon


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