It is very important to appreciate that if we do things for ourselves as same make some sacrifices for the environment too.  We all depend on the things that we get from the environment from our birth to death. God’s creations are incredible. However, if you are closer to the environment, it will get back to you with lots of positive impacts.

This is a story like that. A person who decided to do something for the environment. As we all know, the environment is slowly being destroyed day by day by the impact of globalization. The world is open to each other and natural resources are destroyed in some kind of way because of the different reasons. By the way one of the most common things that we heard is forest deforestation. So, the story is regarding one of the very successful attempts at this.

Who leads this?

Hikmet Khaya is a Turkish man who retired as a forest management chief of the forestry operations department in another Turkey. He started his career journey in 1978 in the town of Sinop. He ended his service after 19 years and retired. But he never stops for a while. During his service period, he leads for future investments in the environment. This is not an easy task. Such a huge project may conduct to have the best results.

Photo: Tohumtoprak

What is this mission?

Anyway, what has happened is, as a chief management officer he leads his team and with the help of the other parties, they planted over 30 million saplings. He never wants to miss this after his retired time, all going well. Hard work may finally come up with the best results. The project has been continued for a long period under his guidance and the other’s support. By now there is a huge transformation with the best results. The plants are grown well.

Kayan said that he was so happy and enjoying the results of the success of this project. He highly appreciated the help from the villagers and they all work hard on this with their fullest dedication.  According to the research reports it is identified that deforestation has one of the coming problems in Turkey. So, Kaya’s story may lead others to develop and work for the protection of the environment and reduce deforestation.

Photo: Tohumtoprak

In my opinion, this needs to be highly appreciated. If you can give your collaboration with only one, thousands of plants will grow up and we all are protected. If you are a nature lover, this can be your hope. You can try it out also. So Hikmet Kaya took the best advantage of his service time for himself with the experience and the for the environment also.


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