Nature will create so many marvelous things. Magical gifts from nature will make the world the most beautiful place. We can’t ignore the beauty of the nature.  I’m pretty sure now you all are super excited what am I going to say here.

This story is about a wonderful nature’s creation which is world famous as “eye of the earth”. The river looks like a blue green eye. That’s why it is known as the eye of the earth. On other hand people called this as the source of the Cetina river.

So what is this source of the Cetina river?

This wonderful creation is in located in the slope of northern western of the Dinara mountain range in Croatia. The river is about 15 meters in diameter and deep level if 150 meters. The color of the river is very clear and blue in color. In this area people use the water for drinking. So many animals, plants and the species may depend on this magical art and add more and more colors to the environment.

As mentioned in the above details this reservoir is the basic source. Because of its clean fresh water people will use for drinking purposes. The magical beauty of the river may create more tourist attractions. If you visit here, you may have a wonderful and adventurous  experience.

Believe! magical beauty of the environment makes you happy and relax.

Geographically Cetina has the richest water in flows to Adriatic Sea. According to the details by the people who visited here, there are some churches and additional things can be seen in this area. The geographical explanation of the river is too complicated.

Absolutely it looks like a small pond. When it comes to the location of the river again rises from the Milasevo and 7 kilometers from Vrlika.

Do you have any experiences in visiting this magical place?

However, the Cetina has large history. The  name of the river is also related to the Greek. This is the lifeblood of the other part of this river. As we heard there are some artificial lakes can be identified but the river Certina is 100% natural and full of natural beauty. This amazing place is God’s gift.

Cetina river Eye of the Earth in Croatia | Photo: ZovkoM cc


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